Ringwold Raccoon

Ringwold Raccoon

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The Ringwold Raccoon is an elegantly plush stuffed animal with an ultra soft feel.

A perfect gift for the child who loves to hold and cuddle, the Ringwold Raccoon features bright white and gray/black shades that was chosen to look as accurate to life as possible.

The Douglas Company's expert New England design team crafted this item with as much heart and research as they could, bringing us a creation that'll make for an excellent addition to any collection.

Why choose Raul E® New York ?

Great Fashion & Style

Our company's  philosophy and  standards was founded on great fashion and style. Every woman has her  own presence, just like a flower too..

Connected to the Wold

Our products are made all over the world, and shows that we are all connected. 

For all shapes and sizes.

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