About Raul E® New York 

Raul E® New York founder Silvana Dugandžić-Penavić (pronounced dž: like j in “joy”  Duganjich- Penavich) as a young girl,  was struggling with her 6-foot-tall frame, growing up in Zagreb, Croatia. Armed with scissors and fabric and sheer genius she  started to design and sew her own clothes, and  magical feeling of  being a fashion designer and a beauty expert was born !   With a focus to look beautiful and feel magical,  Raul E® New York brand has grown to offer skincare, cosmetics, brass, underwear, leggings, activewear and more. Raul E® New York has secured its place in people’s hearts around the world. The name Raul came from  Silvana’s horse Raul. Letter E came from the word equine and energy.  The brand name is a representation of the unique culture and voice of New York.