About Us

The Story about Raul E® New York and Silvana Dugandžić-Penavić


As a young girl, I was struggling with my 6-foot-tall frame, so I started to design and sew my own clothes, and I loved the way I look. Simply great!

That’s when I realized I wanted  to create and sell clothing for  others one day.  The  day came in 2010 when I  started this company,  selling  fashion apparel, makeup, skin care,  toys and home goods.

Being a mom of  four children,  to be beautiful and to take good care of my skin, gives me  a great  joy and pleasure, so  creating something so beautiful for myself, home , for the children and  grandchildren,  all of that is the inspiration and motivation for this creativity.

So in November of 2010 I started selling fashion apparel for women, men, kids, toys and home goods in Zagreb, Croatia, where I was born. My design and style was selling fast in my first store in Ilica 47, Zagreb.  I created my own Raul E® New York brand! 

Raul E® New York is a contemporary fashion, makeup and skincare brand. The name Raul came from my horse Raul. Letter E came from the word equine and energy.  The brand name is a representation of the unique culture and voice of New York, my home for  three decades now.

As far as achievements for the business go, here are a few of my favorites:

  • We were listed in the Stanford Who’s Who
  • Boris Kosmac featured us in his famous TV show, Celebrity Makeover, with Jelena Percin, Bojan Ambrosic and Mila Elegovic
  • We were featured in The Teen Fashion Show, Connetquot, NY.

I want  Raul E® New York to…


For women, men, and children. We all like to be well dressed!


To flatter your body shape.


On your skin. When our products touch your skin, it  feels amazing!


Nice and educational qualities as gifts for you, your family, and your home.

Silvana Dugandzic-Penavic with her beloved horse Raul
  •  I am Silvana Dugandžić-Penavić (pronounced : like j in “joy” (only pronounced slightly harder) Duganjich- Penavich), a Croatian-American designer.
  • I am a Reiki Master TeacherI, who boasts a Masters’ Degree in Business Management from Stony Brook University, and Professor in Physics and Mathematics from Zagreb University.
  • I had several occupations, while raising my four children, prior to starting my own brand, including teaching at different levels from pre-school through college.
  • My kids and my family are the driving force in my life, and I want to make them proud of who I have become and what I do with love.

My inspiration for my collections designs stem greatly from nature, my native Croatian culture and United States, my adopted country. I love to be fashionable, elegant, timeless, classy and feminine. I love feeling full of life and empowered and I put that into my design. I wish you experience the same!


Silvana Dugandžić-Penavić