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Beauty begins with your heart and your thought -Silvana Dugandžić-Penavić

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Copper Super Gloss


Cocoa Quartz Mineral Dimensional Eyeshadow


Long formal dress with black lace


A festive one-shoulder gold mini dress


Princess Lipstick -Luscious Lippy Creamy Color -Botanical Blend Conditioner


Long formal dress with slim shoulder straps


Raul E New York Creamy Blush


Raul E® Mascara Black- Sensitive Eyes- Voluminous - Natural Ingredients- Nourish Lashes


Raul E New York Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation


Charming Super Gloss

Magic of Nature, Me & You

Magic of Nature, Me & You

01 Be one with Nature;

02 Be in awe of nature's magic

03 Get back to your roots and stay grounded

04 Breathe it all in, feel more alive

Selecting the right jewelry

This article is a code for those  girls who have the love for fine jewelry and want to  know what kind of jewelry to wear on any particular occasion. Fine jewelry makes a style statement and speaks a lot about you.  Jewelry enhances your look and jewelry is fun, wearing it is pleasurable and it is something that can bring life to your look and make your day.  You should go for the jewelry which is tailored made for certain occasions and dresses because not all jewelry is versatile enough to suit all kinds of outfit., since  some occasions let you glamorize your look, others are meant to go simple with your plain and delicate jewelry. 
Selecting the right jewelry