Welcome to Silvana's World

Welcome to Silvana's World


Silvana Dugandžić-Penavić (the dž is pronounced like the “j” in “joy”, the ć is pronounced like “ch”) is a Croatian-American mom of four and grandma of three. Silvana trained as a physics and math professor in Zagreb, Croatia, where she was raised before moving to the USA in 1990. She received her Reiki Master Teacher certification from Loving Touch Center on Long Island, and has studied the healing practices of the Shamans and the light body from around the world.  Silvana also got her training in business management from SUNY Stony Brook. Her knowledge and experiences led her to found and launch Raul E® New York, a luxury beauty and fashion brand. When she’s not fulfilling her duties as CEO, Silvana works on her blog Fashion & Life for the Modern Woman, where she shares her experiences, views, and feelings on life, wellness, beauty, fashion, family, and creativity. She aims to inspire and motivate readers (like you!) to soar like an eagle in your own life. 

Silvana was the recipient of the P.E.O. (Philantropic Educational Organization) International Peace Scholarship (IPS) Fund in 1991-1993, while she was a graduate student at Stony Brook. In 2012, Silvana established Silvana Penavic Educational Fund as part of the P.E.O. International Organization Foundation. She was a founding sister of the Chapter CK in 2004, and has since served across several roles including treasurer, chaplain, recording & corresponding secretary, and chair of the IPS Committee (the latter she has held multiple times). Most recently, Silvana accepted a position to serve on the New York State IPS Committee for the 2021-2023 term.

Silvana loves to play guitar, dance the argentine tango, ride horses and bikes, hike, and read books. She’s also a soon-to-be published author! You can expect to read her published books and poems soon.








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