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Been there done that for my skin. Wow talk about Silvana's skincare for the sensitive skin! Finally my match!

Julia, Howell, NJ

That dress I was wearing  got me sooooo many compliments!

Sarah, Los Angeles, CA

I took before and after pictures, my face looks and feels great in Silvana's makeup!  Thanks  for the highest quality and standards in your products.

Bridget, West Simsbury, CT

The bag, the red bag was just IT !!!!

Jessica, Dallas, TX

Our company's  philosophy and  standards were founded on the principle that we are Superwomen with magical feelings when we create space for life filled with  beauty,  power and grace. ...

Our ability to create is given to us by God, and we are thankful and grateful for these gifts of  life given to us...

Silvana Dugandžić-Penavić

Home sweet home

RaulENewYork Living  Collection to bring you peaceful feeling.

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Look at Me, the key to staying comfy yet stylish..  tops... essentials